Support PyPy as an option for the Python plugin

Can you add support for PyPy in Snapcraft for the Python plugin? You know how you can select python2 or python3 as the python version? Maybe add pypy to that list for the YAML file. I know there is no pypy-pip package, but maybe you can do a workaround (like downloading the official PyPy and use or the pypy package talking to the python2-pip package) or push a pypy-pip package into the repos for Ubuntu 16.04 and above? There is already a pypy-setuptools package so maybe link into that or create the pypy-pip package as suggested.

P.S. There is also a Snap for PyPy, so maybe you can leverage that?

Some of us would like to create web applications and have the performant PyPy as an option due to its efficiency and speed. Thanks!


We also need to package Crossbar as a snap, currently our snap uses CPython. So for obvious reasons we want to have a variant that is based on PyPy.

I don’t see there is a plugin already for that, so I am willing to work on one if needed.

Also what are our current options ?

I say start with a local plugin that does what you need (i.e. one maintained in your snap project tree, in the snap/plugins dir-- are you familiar with that?). Try to write it in a project-agnostic manner, and once you get to something that works, consider proposing it to upstream Snapcraft.