Support for SSO on

Many people are asking about SSO support. Can we consider adding support for Google / Twitter / Facebook / Github / etc authentication to our forum?


This should be rather easy with the exception of the launchpad integration but it has been done already on (which is now defunct).


I’ve been holding back these integrations just for now so we can get our feet wet and ensure things are working well around here without buying into more complexity. SAML for example is an external plugin, and those plugins often break when we update the main base.

Something along those lines is probably coming soon, though, perhaps starting with GitHub.


I’ve configured several logon integrations for my Discourse site, the most popular a easy to get going:

You might want to dodge Facebook, it has been scientifically proven that people are deeply suspicious of Facebook Connect. And for when you want to tackle SSO:


Yeah, those at the top are the built-in ones, and are easy to get working. Let’s just wait a moment until we’re settled.


I think SSO should be a top priority, because we want most of the people in this forum to be publishers of snaps in the store. For that they need an Ubuntu SSO account, and now we are forcing them to create even one more account to use our platform.


I know it’s hard to believe that the day has a limited number of hours, but turns out it does.


there is a workaround by working from a constantly moving plane that flies the right way around the world … :slight_smile:


Hey. What is the status of enabling any additional type of SSO?

I’ve forked a pre-existing plugin and made it appropriate for our use case. So we’re now ready to enable GitHub, Twitter, Google, and Ubuntu, with little more than flag switch.

That said, my plan is to wait at least two more weeks from today, because at the end of this last week we finished integrating into the forum the snapcraft and devices mailing lists, so I’d like to give these users some time to get comfortable before changing things further.

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May I suggest that UbuntuOne SSO support be included also, since Ubuntu is promoting snap-installations. Bionic Beaver 18.04 includes snap installations of what they call ‘leaf’ applications (with few or no dependencies.)

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Today I got an upstream to register for then for some other stuff the same person had to write on one of the forum posts but found no way login with the recently created “ account”.

Generally, its a little challenging to convince people to create new account for a new website and creating two of them is a little more :wink:

Is there a reason to not enable third-party logins, especially Ubuntu SSO ?



I merged your question into this topic :).


While “yet another password to save and protect from intruders” in the Snapcraft Forum (and there’s passwordless login through email), I would like to add an option to sign in with Ubuntu SSO as my suggestion. Any comments?