Support for Raspberry Pi 4

Ok. There are now official UC18 images that support raspi4:

Does this problem happen with those images as well?


Thanks with this image installed on Raspberry Pi 4 (2Gb) i’ve solved !!

I’m trying to build kernel for PI4 using official repo ( eoan ).
This repo has snapcraft.yml so I’m using it to build it.
However if I try to build kernel for arm64 target I get build error -

make: *** No rule to make target ‘zImage’. Stop

What is correct config to build arm64 kernel for pi4?

how exactly does your snapcraft call look like ?

I’m using following command:

snapcraft --target-arch=arm64

Are there extra dependencies for rpi4 kernel?

no, this should theroetically work … are there any other errors above the one you quoted ?

No other errors seen.
If I set target as armhf build succeeds.

If I remove kernel-image-target: zImage from snapcraft.yml build also succeeds.
However, then when I build ubuntu image, boot fails in u-boot with following error
Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic!

I managed to find a solution to the following runtime error:
QXcbIntegration: Cannot create platform OpenGL context, neither GLX nor EGL are enabled

You need to set the following environmental variable for the snap to be able to find the EGL drivers:
__EGL_VENDOR_LIBRARY_DIRS: $SNAP/usr/share/glvnd/egl_vendor.d

I’m not sure why desktop-helpers isn’t doing this by default.

Nice. The license is set to “unset” in the Snapcraft Store. In the GitHub project the is no license as well. Could you add a license?

Thanks for the hint, i added a more detailed description, a README and a LICENSE to the code and also set it in the store now …

HI @ogra, I’ve expected GPL in the first place :wink:

well, its just a 50 line shell script after all :slight_smile: