Support for Raspberry Pi 4

I know the new model has just been released, but since we’re planning to get a test device ASAP, I’d like to ask people with more knowledge of board development (cough @ogra ) if I can be of help to get Core running on the Pi 4 :slight_smile:

If I checked correctly, the current firmware release does not include Pi 4 yet. Naive first approach for me would be to pull in the latest FW in my gadget snap build (as soon as the FW is released, that is). Anything else to look out for?


I don’t think we have a device yet, but understand one is on the way.

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Raspberry Pi 4 support will be great. I understand this topic to be Ubuntu Core support. Theoretically, should Raspbian Buster on the Pi 4 support snaps out of the box? (after installing SnapD?)

I’ve already ordered some myself so I’ll start testing mid-July.


well, once we have boards i can tell you more, not sure if the Pi4 even uses the same boot setup or firmware approach … i have been trying to order one but seems that the 4GB version (and i wouldnt buy anything smaller since i’d want to be able to run arm64 images on it without hittin OOM all the time) is not available in germany yet …

be sure i’ll order one ASAP and play with it :wink:

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I’ve ordered mine from Slovenia, they ship to DE too.,-4gb

I’ve also ordered the PoE hat but it outputs only 2.5A, I hope it’s enough :fearful:

I have ordered mine from here, but the 4G is currently sold out


I personally recommend buying from Newark Element14. They aren’t as well recognized, but they are the company that (I believe) the Resellers buy their Pis from, and they do sell to individuals. I ordered a 4GB model roughly 15 hours after the launch, yet was placed on their 2nd shipment for July 5. Not bad in my opinion.

I’ve got one o/ teehee

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looks like it landed shortly after you mentioned it 4 days ago :slight_smile:

Got my 4GB model from in about 3 days flat.

I noticed that there was some new EEPROM setting which requires a ‘start.elf’ file/pkg on the boot drive in order to install? So the existing Ubuntu Core files did not work :frowning:

Running the Raspbian Buster atm (and having a blast)…

i have one on the way to me now and expect it to arrive before the weekend … if our kernel works without extra hackery i expect to have an unofficial core image for testing ready by monday (or perhaps even earlier) …


So i had my 4GB pi4 arrive this morning … but i fear we have to wait a little longer until an actual u-boot port exists.

i was falsely assuming there had been work done already, without bootloader there is indeed no way to roll a gadget snap … else it would have been a quick job :frowning:

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Even though we do not have a working u-boot tree yet, i played a bit on the weekend to get a kernel with full strict snap confinement together (that can serve later for an initial, unofficial kernel snap until the Ubuntu kernel team has something ready) … the (very hackish) build script and a link to the tarball are at:


So here we go … i have an experimental Ubuntu Core18 image for the Pi4 up at:

Please see the README file in that dir for details …

The u-boot tree used in the gadget is still in very early stages (mainly a pi3 u-boot with the most minimal patches to make the board boot at all and a binary pi4 dtb stuffed on top) and does only initialize 1GB of RAM even on pi’s with more physical RAM available.

Links to the sources for the snaps as well as a subdir with the model assertion used to build the image can be found under the above URL as well.


So here we go …

The image at

… now properly initializes the actual amount of physical RAM.

I have been using it since a week now to build snaps in an lxd container (using a USB3.1 SSD for the writable partition) as well as for various other tasks and it seems to be pretty solid (no crashes or anything)


I’ve installed your image on a Rpi4 4GB and I’ve also installed mir-kiosk, chromium-mir-kiosk, mir-kiosk-apps and got the black screen with a blinking (underscore) cursor.
I’ve tested all the stables, betas and edges; the same thing happens. I’ve messed around with snap interfaces a bit too but didn’t get anywhere.

Idk if that’s something that’s even supposed to work at this stage?

you might need to play with the dtoverlay= kms or fkms values in config.txt. i know the vc4 driver isnt fully ready to drive the vc5 hardware in the pi4 but i know that for example my omxplayer-pi snap works fine (only 1080p though, omxplayer does not support h265 yet) when either using no dtoverlay or with the fkms one (not with the kms one though).

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Could you pastebin the mir-kiosk log? That will likely point at the issue.

my suspicion is that the mesa version is not new enough … (though thats just a wild guess)

  1. I’ve done a clean installation of the Ogra’s Rpi4 image.

  2. Did $ snap refresh and stuff refreshed from the edge channel.

  3. Device automatically rebooted.

  4. Installed mir-kiosk from edge $ snap install --edge mir-kiosk

  5. Screen changed from ssh instructions to a black screen with blinking underscore cursor (afaik, that’s normal edit: Not normal!).

  6. I did $ snap install --edge chromium-mir-kiosk but from the installation feedback it said it first installed a stable and then an edge version. Is that normal?

  7. Nothing changed on the screen.

  8. I tried $ snap set chromium-mir-kiosk url='["",""]'

  9. Nothing changed on the screen

  10. I executed $ snap set chromium-mir-kiosk url='["",""]'

  11. Nothing changed on the screen.

  12. I $ sudo reboot the machine but still nothing changed after boot, just a black screen with blinking underscore cursor.

  13. I ssh again and try $ snap start chromium-mir-kiosk, the terminal responds with Started. but no changes on the screen.

I tried getting the logs as described here:

  1. I execute $ snap log mir-kiosk and it throws me an error error: unknown command "log", see 'snap help'.

But I failed ofc. You might wanna update that to say logs since that’s the first thing that popped up on Google.

$ snap logs mir-kiosk

Gave these:
2019-07-24T17:03:11Z mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk[1945]: std::exception::what: Failed to open DRM device node: Permission denied 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk[1945]: [boost::errinfo_file_name_*] = /dev/dri/card1 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: snap.mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: snap.mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: snap.mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.service: Service hold-off time over, scheduling restart. 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: snap.mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 7. 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: Stopped Service for snap application mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk. 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: snap.mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.service: Start request repeated too quickly. 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: snap.mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'. 2019-07-24T17:03:11Z systemd[1]: Failed to start Service for snap application mir-kiosk.mir-kiosk.