Suggestion: include Gitlab into


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It would be great if could build from public repositories on Gitlab, just like it does with Github.

Thanks for considering.


Somewhat related: Support webhook build trigger? - snapcraft -

If it is implemented you can set up a stub repo in GitHub to automate build from GitLab.


One interim option you could try is to have Launchpad mirror your project’s Git repository. You can then configure a recipe to build a snap from the mirror.

This isn’t quite the same user experience as, since it will only trigger when new changes are mirrored to Launchpad rather than when they are pushed to Gitlab. But it might be good enough if you’re just after daily builds for the edge channel.


Yes, thanks, that is possible. Other possibility is to create a mirrored repo on Github itself. Actually I already configured a script on Gitlab-CI (+docker) to snap and push the repo, but I just think that it would be better to have it integrated on


Just found it now:
Sorry if I am duplicating topics… :sweat_smile: