Suggestion for discussion: teams and permissions assignment

I’m going to use the experience of the snapcrafters community to explain how this can be beneficial. Despite using snapcrafters as the example I think it can apply to a much wider gamut of projects and organisations such as kde as another big example that comes to mind immediately.

With snapcrafters we have people in a position that necessitates that they have access to all the snaps under the snapcrafters account in the store. We obviously don’t want to share the snapcrafters account credentials among the team but use the inbuilt store permissions system to allow each team member to use their own account but still have access. Right now we are having to go through each of the snaps and manually assigning the users to the snaps one-by-one and the users then have to accept each one individually. This is not fun and takes quite a while.

My idea is to allow the snapcrafters store account (and by extrapolation any store account should be able to do this as well, because it can benefit any snap publisher that has a team) to assign users and permission to the snapcrafters account in addition to the individual snaps we publish. This will allow us to grant permission for all of our snaps to a new member of they require that level of access, or a subset of the snaps via a grouping mechanism, or individual snaps via the existing mechanism.


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