Suggested setup for multiple "home" drives


Edit: resolved. I decided to try mounting the 2nd drive (the “4TB drive”) on /home/mnt in the VM. I made sure that no Snap has their removable-media plugged in. Just as I hoped, each Snap I tested (Firefox and LibreOffice) recognized the symlinks to the directories that are in the /home/mnt as if it belongs to the user’s home directory.

Definitely wasn’t the case when the 2nd drive was mounted on /mnt.

So I’m planning on setting up 2 drives in this way

  • /home - 500GB SSD
    • Config files, games and local software, and contain symlinks to documents, videos, etc.
  • /mnt - 4TB HDD
    • Documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Currently trying out a setup like that in a virtual machine, but removable-media plug needs to be connected in order to access the directory in /mnt. Some Snap apps don’t have the removable-media plug, so I’m just wondering if there’s a way around that?

Haven’t give this a shot yet, but will mounting it in /home/mnt (just a random directory name) work?

/mnt mounts should be supported

You should really consider mounting your drive under /media instead, as of now the removable-media interface doesn’t allow /mnt access.


It actually does. Just tested it in said VM


Actually it’s allowed since 2.36 but wasn’t mentioned in the docs. I’ve updated the interface documentation page to reflect that.


Well, I found a way to use the the 2nd drive without using the removable-media plug.



Could you explain what is that way to use 2nd drive without using removable-media plug?

  • Mount your storage drives under /home
  • Make sure the contents in those drives belong to you
  • Create a symlink that points to other drives
    • You can even replace your Documents, Pictures, etc. with that method without messing with ~/.config/user-dirs.dir, though double check that directory just in case.