Suggested setup for multiple "home" drives

Edit: resolved. I decided to try mounting the 2nd drive (the “4TB drive”) on /home/mnt in the VM. I made sure that no Snap has their removable-media plugged in. Just as I hoped, each Snap I tested (Firefox and LibreOffice) recognized the symlinks to the directories that are in the /home/mnt as if it belongs to the user’s home directory.

Definitely wasn’t the case when the 2nd drive was mounted on /mnt.

So I’m planning on setting up 2 drives in this way

  • /home - 500GB SSD
    • Config files, games and local software, and contain symlinks to documents, videos, etc.
  • /mnt - 4TB HDD
    • Documents, pictures, videos, etc.

Currently trying out a setup like that in a virtual machine, but removable-media plug needs to be connected in order to access the directory in /mnt. Some Snap apps don’t have the removable-media plug, so I’m just wondering if there’s a way around that?

Haven’t give this a shot yet, but will mounting it in /home/mnt (just a random directory name) work?

You should really consider mounting your drive under /media instead, as of now the removable-media interface doesn’t allow /mnt access.

It actually does. Just tested it in said VM

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Actually it’s allowed since 2.36 but wasn’t mentioned in the docs. I’ve updated the interface documentation page to reflect that.

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Well, I found a way to use the the 2nd drive without using the removable-media plug.


Could you explain what is that way to use 2nd drive without using removable-media plug?

  • Mount your storage drives under /home
  • Make sure the contents in those drives belong to you
  • Create a symlink that points to other drives
    • You can even replace your Documents, Pictures, etc. with that method without messing with ~/.config/user-dirs.dir, though double check that directory just in case.
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