Strict applications can't toggle Launch at Login

Hi all,

As requested I’m re-posting each of the What snap needs to improve Electron support topics individually so they can each be better discussed.

The intention of this post is to highlight an outstanding issue, and hopefully get it priortised, that would help improve snap support for developers building on Electron.

Does this require adding something to the desktop-launchers to symlink ~/.config/autostart in addition to extending an existing interface or adding an additional interface?

Sounds easy to have some sort of “autostart” interface (not a good name, but we can figure that later). The snap will need to tune its path to ensure it gets written into the proper place. We can do that without touching the application itself by tuning $HOME, or perhaps via the “overmount” support that we’ve been discussing and should come soon (cc @zyga-snapd).

I’m adding that to the backlog. If there are real snaps blocked on that, please provide some more details so we can better prioritize the work.

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In the end this was implemented How to autostart a snap of a desktop application?