Store Requests seem unloved


I posted on store-requests a request for help with a manual review on a snap a few days ago, still no response. In the meantime the review hasn’t been picked up store-side outside of the forum post either.

I see quite a few other posts in the store-requests that have no response yet, and have been there for a few days.

What should our expectations be ? How long should we expect a standard manual review to take without any further requests on the forum ? How long should we expect a specific request on the store-request board to take ?

I think it would help the community, both in terms of productivity and nurturing, if they were processed a bit quicker. I wonder if anything can be done to help keep on top of these requests a bit more.

Perhaps it’s just been an exceptional week.

Are store admins all Canonical employees, or are there any that are simply trusted volunteers from the community ? Is there any way the throughput of request processing can be increased, or a better way to set expectations ?

Cheers, Just