Store indicated version of "Marker" app snap incorrect

The Marker app’s version is indicated as 2023.05.02 (all channels). But when installed, the “about” info indicates it’s actually the 2020.04.04 version (any channel). I tested a few things and can confirm this is indeed an old version.

I don’t know if it’s related, but the author of the snap, soumyaDghosh does regularly, at least once per day, a " Push new tag update to stable branch" action. I’m not familiar with snap management, and I don’t know if this is legit, just found it a bit strange. He does that for other snaps on github as well.

So, is it legit that I’m a little worried ? Does this wrong labeling imply some security issues, or is it just a mistake from the maintainer’s part?

And all worries set aside, I’d really like to have the latest version of Marker.

Thank in advance

P.S. : I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

This line is to blame: marker-snap/snapcraft.yaml at main · soumyaDghosh/marker-snap (

Filing an issue at is the right place to address this. But given you tagged @soumyaDghosh I guess they’ll see this.

Don’t worry, it’s the upstream messing with the version. So, to some extent keep the versioing proper, I showed the version of the app in the store as 2023.05.02 which is their latest release.

But, inside the app, they haven’t updated the app version from 2020.04.04 as you will find here

Sorry, for your problem. But kindly bear it for sometime. I didn’t know, that they haven’t updated the version in the about page also. But, they at least haven’t updated their app data too.

I’ll try to file a bug to the upstream asap about this. Thanks for using the snap

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Thank’s to @popey and @soumyaDghosh for your fast answers !

Thanks for clarifying it’s a problem with upstream. I can see it now, as it’s also the case on the ppa version. I also tried the flatpak version, and strangely enough the about page was right, which initially made me think it wasn’t an upstream problem.

All the best, and keep up the good work!

They used some third party patches.

Also to add, none of these packages are official.

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