Store auto connect request

The snap blackrock-bci-system-user needs auto-connection for two interfaces

snapd-control system-files

This snap works around bugs with the system-user assertions regarding expired assertions, and provides more stringent security by requiring a USB assert key to be presented at every system boot.

@wduncan hey:

Which specific system-files locations does blackrock-bci-system-user need access to and for which purpose?

Also, why does blackrock-bci-system-user need snapd-control at all? Since this is a very privileged interface, the use of such interface is primarily intended to be used by brand stores owners The snapd-control interface

@wduncan ping, can you please provide the requested information?

No longer needed. Using snapd-control interface did what I needed.

This is for a snap that is distributed through a private brand store. Probably should not of made the initial request here.

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Thanks for letting us know, I will remove this request from our internal queue.