Store authorization failed

I’ve started getting these messages from Launchpad about uploading my automatically-built snap:

Launchpad could not upload this snap package to the store because of an authorization failure. If you still want Launchpad to upload this package to the store on your behalf, you will need to reauthorize it. You can do that by following the instructions here:

I’m assuming the macaroon expired, but I honestly have no idea what this is, because the message doesn’t actually tell me.

  1. Is this the macaroon expiring? Can LP actually tell me that?
  2. Why isn’t the macaroon refreshed automatically? This makes for a sub-par user experience.

perhaps related to:

(It is up again though … )

Have you changed your Ubuntu One password? While SSO can issue refreshed macaroons without requiring you to enter credentials again, it will refuse to do so if you have changed your password since the original was issued.

Perhaps, although the emails I have are from the 19th, so LP would have had to be down for a long time. I haven’t reauthorized, so we’ll see if it fails again today!

No, I’ve not changed my password.

Yep, still getting those emails today. @cjwatson would appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I can of course re-auth to fix, but want to make sure I’m clear on what’s happening and how we can improve it.

Could you please tell me which snap, so I have something to grep for? It’s very arduous to trawl through logs otherwise …

Sure, nextcloud-daily-11. I’ve since re-authorized it, I’m afraid, but hopefully there’s something useful there.