Store assertions alias for vscode


Can someone from the store team please create the alias code for the vscode snap. I’m trying to land documentation upstream and they want to have code as the executable so it is consistent with their other documentation.


‘code’ is awfully generic, but as it happens there doesn’t seem to be anything conflicting with it in the Ubuntu archive (at least):

$ code
No command 'code' found, did you mean:
 Command 'cobe' from package 'python-cobe' (universe)
 Command 'tcode' from package 'emboss' (universe)
 Command 'ode' from package 'plotutils' (universe)
 Command 'cdde' from package 'cdde' (universe)
 Command 'cde' from package 'cde' (universe)
 Command 'node' from package 'nodejs-legacy' (universe)
code: command not found

While I’m not excited about the alias, I’m also not opposed to it. If others agree, I’d be happy to adjust the snap declaration.

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It is super generic. But when you install via the deb download it takes this alias. That short alias is surprisingly useful. A quick walk through file system and then: code . to bring up the folder in vscode. An alias I use and would use daily via the snap.

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I agree. Visual Studio Code already has a substantial following (26781 stars, 3664 forks). I’d be very surprised if there was an equal or more deserving competitor for the name.


@niemeyer - what are you thoughts?

Yes, given the project popularity, if that’s indeed a well known command name from that application, it sounds fair to hand it even if it’s a common term.

As an aside for passers-by, please note that the aliases feature does handle conflicts and allows multiple snaps to own the same alias names. If both are installed the user gets to choose which snap will keep its alias set enabled.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m happy to act on this, but it is perhaps best if you consider Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks before I do.

In considering feedback after my first comment. +1 based on project popularity and because ‘code’, while generic, is not widely used already

Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks is now approved. It has been 1 week since the initial request, so performing the tally.

2 votes in favor (Gustavo and Jamie)
0 votes against
0 votes abstained
1 vote ignored (Evan, submitter of the request)

Passed. Granting alias.

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@niemeyer - I was looking for the checkbox button in Store assertions alias for vscode to let me mark this as ‘addressed’ (or whatever the forum terminology is), but it wasn’t there. How do I mark this topic as completed?

Only the topic author or a moderator can mark messages as solutions.

You’re now a moderator as it makes sense given your needs and your use of the forum.