Store-admin - export snaps with prerequesites

Store-Admin is a snap used to export snaps, to be able to import them to into an air-gapped offline snap-store.

This requires every single snap to be downloaded manually.

Why does store-admin export snaps firefox (as example) only download the main snap, but does not export requirements parallel ? Since its a gui application it also needs possibly gtk, and some other gui libraries as snap packages. I want to download those in parallel.

Downloading one snap, installing, failing install, downloading failed snap, install, failing install downloading failed snap, … is really annoying.

This experience of being able to download and install snaps in an airgapped env is nice, (and even more required soon…) but its an absolute horror experience, because automating it is hardly possible.

At least add a possible --include-prerequisites flag to the download command or something. Maybe something like this already exists, but I was unable to find it inside the documentation of the offline airgapped snap-store-proxy / store-admin…

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I am also interested to know if there is anyway to download prerequisites ?