Steam/Steam Snap freezes almost everything


since the last Steam update from Steam (NOT from the Steam-snap in Ubuntu Software Center) something was already strange, when in Counter Strike 2 I could open the ingame-browser for example to look up a profile of one of the players, but could not do anything in the steam-browser, not even close it.

Then after some time playing Counter Strike 2 everything froze and I got an error message (see picture down below) and could do nothing except get to the desktop with just pressing the keys to minimize the ingame window. But on my desktop I couldn’t do anything, not even shut down my computer…so I had to pull my computer from power. That’s the second time I done this now.

Any idea, what is going on?

Error message ingame:

Update: First of all this was definitely a problem with the steam-snap, because one thing is when the game crashes/freezes, but this was kinda the whole Ubuntu system crashing/freezing. Like I said in my first post I could only minimize the frozen game window and get to the then frozen “desktop-window”. So even my Ubuntu was not usable, not only the game or steam. Like I said in my post, I had to disconnect my computer from power and then connect it again to power and start the computer. Also I was playing in X, not in Wayland.

But it seems fixed now (hopefully), because I haven’t had any problems lately. But still, an expert reading this will probably know what was going on. Because not only I didn’t want my system to mostly freeze, I also wanted to contribute to making Ubuntu better. So not cool my account being frozen for the first days…hopefully that was just a “mistake” that will not happen to other people.

Update 2:

I forgot to say, that there is a problem with not being able to use steam fully with all the functions while being in the game and some of them freeze. It is not the same problem as in my first post, but kinda similar on a smaller scale.

I can’t use the browser or other steam functions in the game. It (the steam ingame browser) is highlighted in the picture down below (by steam in color blue), because the browser is in fact open, but not because I openend it through steam in game (I couldn’t), but just by clicking on a Counter Strike 2 player right click and wanting to see his steam profile (so I actually opened it through the game). Only then the steam browser in game openend. But I couldn’t scroll or close the steam browser. So the browser was opened but then frozen, and only opened by clicking on a player from the game and then wanting to look at his steam profile…no other way was it possible to open the browser, so not by just clicking on the browser icon, how it should be. Also not the whole game froze, just the steam browser. I could just get back into the game by closing “ingame-Steam” with pressing shift and the tab key at the same time. Pressing this both keys later to get later back to steam in the game…the steam browser was still open and frozen/not usable.

Also the other steam ingame functions (pointed to with red arrows in the picture down below) and their icons you can see in the picture below…I can’t open/start them by clicking on any of them. Although I’m currently trying Wayland, I had this days ago in X too.

I dont know if that is a steam or steam snap problem, cause I’m not an expert. But seems like a steam or steam snap problem.

Hi bergman,

Thanks for sharing these issues. It looks like the biggest problem to try and understand first is the freeze/crash. There is not anything we can do with the steam specific error message, I think you should log a bug/question on steam.

I will try in game functions to see if I experience anything that you describe. Beyond this we will have to narrow down on version. Once again, its probably going to be more effective to share your issues with steam.