Status of the chromium snap development

Version 94 of Chromium includes WebCodecs, but the chromium snap, after almost a year, is missing support for hardware accelerated video decoding & encoding:

So I was guessing which is the roadmap for it, and if we can expect support to solve this and other issues now that Firefox is also going snap-by-default.

Thanks for your work!

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By the way @oSoMoN, in here you stated that:

  • updated beta then stable to 94.0.4606.54

But I still have 93.x:

$ snap info chromium
name:      chromium


tracking:     latest/stable
refresh-date: 14 days ago, at 23:44 CEST
  latest/stable:    93.0.4577.82 2021-09-15 (1753) 149MB -
  latest/candidate: 94.0.4606.61 2021-09-29 (1767) 152MB -
  latest/beta:      95.0.4638.17 2021-09-29 (1769) 151MB -
  latest/edge:      96.0.4655.0  2021-09-29 (1768) 151MB -
installed:          93.0.4577.82            (1753) 149MB -

Is this expected? Thanks!

Sort of… Google has been publishing several stable updates in short succession (94.0.4606.71 just now), and building the corresponding snaps in Launchpad is very time-consuming, so I haven’t caught up yet.

When I mentioned in my weekly update that I had updated stable, what I really meant was that the packaging branch had been updated and builds were running. This was confusing, apologies for that.

This is definitely on my to-do list, but I am dealing with higher priority tasks at the moment (among which is the firefox snap transition). I can only beg for your patience (or contributions) here.


Understood. Sadly, I don’t have either the time or the knowledge to try to fix that.

Thanks for the update and keep on the good work!

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