Status of logging in Ubuntu Core


what is the current status of rsyslog (and/or any logging) on ubuntu core 16 and 18 respectively?

I’m trying to evaluate the risk of wear on solid state storage (SD card vs USB flash disk vs eMMc) on a raspberry pi and so my query is essentially about how often log files are written to disk?

Secondly, even if the disabling of all logging to disk is possible, does the kernel itself not need to read/write to disk, and thus create the same risk of wear?

thank you

Change in logging behaviour on Ubuntu Core

in core16 we ship rsyslog by default, you can turn logging to disk completely off from your gadget like:

or via snap set system.service.rsyslog disable=true interactively.

core18 does not ship rsyslog anymore and relies fully on journald.

both, journald as well as the kernel log to a ringbuffer in RAM and do not touch your disk at all.


excellent… thank you

On core16, I just tried
snap set system.service.rsyslog disable=true
without any luck, respose was as follows;
error: snap "system.service.rsyslog" not found


Try “snap set core service.rsyslog.disable=true”


thank you…:ok_hand:


oh, yeah, sorry, there should have been a space between system and service (“system” is an alias for “core”)