State of the steam snap

At work we play Paladins over Steam from time to time. I did some research but figured out that there is no working snap yet. Unfortunatelly I do not know anymore which snap I’ve tried out. It was turanmahmudov/PaladinsSnap. The most recent info I have is that some snap seemed to work (I think the PaladinsSnap) but stopped to work after there was introduced the easy anti-cheat service.

Does someone know how the progress w.r.t. steam support is? It would be great if I could get rid of Windows on my machine :smile:

@ikey used to work on Steam snap running on solus base snap. It worked great back then, not sure it works now. Then he quit Solus and went back to Intel now working on Clear Linux and LSI continues there. It would be great to have official Steam snap running on official Steam base snap with 32bit libs they need. I doubt that will happen though as Valve doesn’t likes stores… except their own.

Problem with anti-cheat depends on Valve and game publishers pushing EAC to expand their Linux support to desktops trough proton and/or native. Last I heard is “it’s being worked on”.

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