Starcraft Clinic 2024-Jun-21

The next edition of the Starcraft Clinics is 2024-06-21T14:00:00Z! Come chat and get support for Snapcraft, Charmcraft, Rockcraft, or the Craft libraries in general.

You can join via Google Meet.

If you want to discuss any topics other than starcraft applications themselves, reply here in advance so we can invite the correct parties. For example, if you have snapd/runtime questions, we can invite someone from the snapd team.

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I have some questions regarding creating a rocks for a django project. I posted it in the rockcraft forum, but mods probably didn’t allowed it. Can I ask it there?

Do you mean the Rockcraft topic on the Ubuntu Discourse? They use their Discourse topic for posting announcements and events, but not for technical support. Would probably be better to reach them at their Matrix room and ask your question there :smiley:

Not sure if you’ve seen their community page, but you can go here to learn more on how to get in touch with the Rocks community: Rocks Community | Ubuntu

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In this page here, it says ask a question in discourse. But, I guess this is getting off-topic, as my question is if I can ask about it in the starcraft clinic or not?

Yep, the Starcraft clinic will be a good place to discuss that. Thanks for the heads up - @tigarmo should be at the clinic.

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@mr_cal Can we also have @Saviq tomorrow. I would need to discuss with him, regarding the available libraries in gpu-2404 and other graphics stuff. We need it for the ffmpeg-2404 snap as it needs vulkan for building and staging. And also for apps in the kde side.

Sure! I’ll be there.

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To share what we discussed re: gpu-2404:

  1. Building from source

    If you need to build against any of the libraries provided by the gpu-2404 content snaps, just build against the Ubuntu packages. The contract with the providers is that they remain ABI-compatible, so there’s no need for an SDK.

  2. Newer versions of Vulkan (if I understood the question right)

    For anything that you need newer than what’s in the provider, you just have to include it in your own snap. Depending on what exactly it is, there is a risk that it won’t work with, say, an ARM provider snap that could be incompatible with your version.

  3. How should snaps consume it We’ve documented the usage of this, and it’s down to including the wrapper in your command-chain:, and a couple of layout: entries (though we plan to avoid those in favour of an all-environment approach soon — but that requires patching drm’s code that loads amdgpu.ids.

HTH :wave: