Starcraft Clinic 2024-Jun-07

The next edition of the Starcraft Clinics is 2024-06-07T14:00:00Z! Come chat and get support for Snapcraft, Charmcraft, Rockcraft, or the Craft libraries in general.

You can join via Google Meet.

If you want to discuss any topics other than starcraft applications themselves, reply here in advance so we can invite the correct parties. For example, if you have snapd/runtime questions, we can invite someone from the snapd team.


@mr_cal I have posted this into the Ubuntu Hideout Community Noticeboard feed.

If you let me/us know of any such events - I will promote them for you.

Thanks, I appreciate it. How would you prefer me to notify you of future events? DM on discord?

The most pragmatic method would be to open a ticket in the server so the first available team member can help. In this channel exists a button to create a ticket: :+1:

I copied some of the text from this ^ announcement when I posted it to the noticeboard but if you have particular text you would like to use, we can do so.