Star me, please

Yes, you really should know me. If you don’t then where have you been? :wink: blog posts:

Maintainer of Snap Store statistics

Snaps under my own namespace: Snaps published by diddledani |

My GitHub projects for every Snap and related project that I’ve worked on: DiddleDani’s Snaps (

Core member of Snapcrafters project at Snapcrafters ( (I seem to be the most active there with input into most of the snaps at some point)

Primary maintainer of these Snapcrafters snaps:

  • GIMP
  • Discord
  • Opentyrian
  • The Lounge
  • Flight Gear
  • Nano

Maintainer of these Snapcraft-related tools and utilities:

Edit to add: I have contributed to both Snapd and Snapcraft projects directly, such as implementing write access to the optical-media plug within snapd.

Like I said, if you don’t know me, then you really should look harder, because I’m Miss Snapcraft and you haven’t been paying enough attention :wink: !


PS. You indicated that we should make these posts private. There is no facility to do so!

I support this application fwiw. Dani has been and is a strong member of the community and has provided great value to the snap ecosystem :slight_smile:!


I support this application as well, Dani is very community focused and deserves to be one of the early star developer members.

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Thank you for your application and for all the fantastic work you do consistently in the community! You are now a star developer! :star: