Star developer request

As per the Star Developers policy I would like to submit my application.

I publish and maintain a number of snaps in the store - mostly development oriented (emacs, gopls, yaml-language-server, pyright, difftastic etc) - plus various linting tools (bandit, brakeman, dlint, golangci-lint, gosec etc) - as well as some other miscellaneous applications (indicator-sensors, shortwave, maildir-utils and nrich).

I am also a member of the store @reviewers team and have been quite active in the forums helping others resolve their various issues with achieving strict confinement for their snaps, or advising on various interfaces for auto-connect and reviewing / handing classic confinement requests.

Thanks for taking the time to consider / review my application.


I, personally, rely on Emacs and pyright. I can say that I have never had issues with these snaps, and they’re always up-to-date. From my experience of these two snaps alone, I +1 this.


I +1 this too, both for the maintained snaps and for always being so responsible, helpful and friendly in the community forums.

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Thank you for your application and for all the hard work you do for other developers and for the snap community! You are now a star developer! :star:


Thanks @holly and @Lukewh for the endorsements and your kind words.


I like the GoSec initiative :smiley: