Star developer request: sgmoore

Long ago I started a monumental task: Snapping KDE. Due to life restrictions I had to set it aside for a bit, but I am back and I am snapping madwoman. This entails over 100 snaps and a content pack. I have also taken over maintaining the kde-neon extension in snapcraft. Thank you for your consideration. Scarlett


@sgmoore has done a huge amount of work in snapping up KDE and is part of the official KDE team on snapcraft as well. Her contributions have been done over a sustained amount of time (since September 2022) and have been high quality in all aspects. Assuming you plan to keep these snaps maintained and updated, I would whole-heartedly support your starred developer request.

+1 from me.


Apologies I only saw this now! I totally agree, +1 from me too. Thank you for all of your wonderful work in the community.

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+1 from me too, thanks for all that you do!

+1 as well, I gave you a star but would totally give more if I could, thanks for all the work snapping KDE.

  • Daniel
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Thank you so much everyone!