Star developer request: popey

I want to be reviewed as a Star Developer in the Snap store please.

I have been making snaps for nearly eight years now. My first was registered in September 2016.

I have 40 or so snaps published, some better, and more useful than others.

I try to keep them up to date. I run scripts on my developer workstation to keep an eye on which ones need updating. I should probably migrate all of them to use GitHub actions to automate that though.

I contribute to snapcrafters where I can.

I also engage with upstream developers to encourage publication in the store.

I sometimes suggest applications that should be featured.

I also keep an eye on snap-related questions on askubuntu.

Finally, I blog about snaps sometimes, both positively and negatively.


+1 from me. While Canonical and popey have parted ways professionally, popey continues to be active in the community.


+1 from me too - whilst @popey was inactive in the snapcraft community for a while after his departure from Canonical, he has whole-heartedly re-engaged for a while now and has a strong track record of ongoing contributions to the ecosystem.


I find that totally redundant… when i read “popey” i already read “star”… adding another star here just duplicates that :stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside… and even though I’m not a voter here, big +1 from me too :slight_smile:


I cannot vote yet but YES YES YES

I’m so happy to see you around @popey!


Well, this is awkward. I appear to have put this in the wrong category.



@verterok @odysseus-k @lofidevops this request has the required votes - can this please be actioned?

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Hi This is now done.

Enjoy @popey :star2:


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