Star developer request for maxiberta

Hi! I’d like to submit my application for Star Developer status :star: .

I’m the publisher and maintainer of a few snaps with tens of thousands of active users, the most prominent being htop, since 2016; and nmap since 2019. I also maintain the official moonlight snap, since 2018. Recently I’ve snapped the command line clients of Cassandra (cqlsh) and (temporal-cli).

All of them have always kept versions and releases very close to their upstream projects, with automatic “daily” builds published to edge.

Repositories for the snapcraft recipes are all hosted on Github, where issues reported by users are replied to as soon as possible (e.g. see htop-snap and moonlight-snap closed issues).

Thanks in advance,


+1 from me! As per the guidelines in Star Developers @maxiberta has been consistently delivering high quality snaps for a very long time and is an active member of the snap community.

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+1 from me as well, due to the reasons @alexmurray described. I’ll action it in a bit.

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@maxiberta It’s done now, congratulations and thank you for being an active member of the snap community!

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