Star developer request for James-Carroll

Hello world! I thought I’d try my hand for applying for the new starred developer status, having been a participant in the community for over 3 years now.

I’d hope a lot of people on these forums will recognise me, as I’ll fairly often provide opinions/advice and sometimes investigations around the snap ecosystem. A nice recent example would be finding out why the XDG Desktop Portals don’t work in KeepassXC, but there’s of course a lot more instances of helping people with syntax, functionality, general design principals & etc; that are all important too!

In terms of my own snaps, I’ve currently a small (8) but sweet collection of snaps that I think strike a balance of utility and maintainability. such that I can realistically support them long term, and often I’ll try integrate/monitor their respective communities so that I can keep in the loop with developments both for the application and feedback on the snaps themselves.

Some snap examples:

Pinta, a simple image editor, where alongisde the Flatpak, Snap/Flatpak are now considered the de-facto Linux packaging (Download Page), and some other Pinta specific contributions such as e.g Wayland Screenshot support

Joplin, a markdown note-taking application where I’ll be frequently found responding to snap related discussion on their own forums and enjoys a fair amount of active users.

ROOT, a high performance computing framework where I’ve found a good use-case for snaps with regard to singular workstations & education, you’ll often find me on their forums too, and they’d allowed me to publish an announcement celebrating the snap, and recently I did a small talk on it internally. Abstract 64 / page 16

There’s a few others, and hopefully more in the future, assuming I can find the right packages to contribute.

Ultimately, I see being active in this community as a hobby that helps give me some long term structure/routine to focus on, and I hope the community appreciates the fruits of the labour at the end, so I should hopefully be sticking around here for a lot more years!

Thanks for your consideration!



Its nice seeing people so committed to the project despite all the negativity out there. Wish you all the best for your bid :slight_smile:

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I am +1 for @James-Carroll

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+1 from me - @James-Carroll has been quite active both here in the forums and outside advocating for snaps plus has published a number of quite popular snaps as well.

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Thank you for your application and for all the positive contributions you have made in the community! You are now a star developer! :star:


Thanks for your comments everyone, I’m happy to wear my (slightly more orange) :star: with pride :slight_smile:

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