Standards for license metadata

Hello folks,

I’m (belatedly) adding explicit license: metadata to some snap packages I’m responsible for (these have always included license info in the package, just never added the metadata section).

The snap includes some stage-packages (only one package listed, but it installs dependencies). Is there a standard expectation for whether or not to include the licensing details of these in the license: metadata? Or is the standard just to list the license of the main app(s) included and anything statically linked into them?

Note that licensing info for the stage-packages inclusions is still in the package itself, in $SNAP/usr/share/doc/.

Thanks & best wishes,

-- Joe

As far as I understand it, I think you are correct and the intent is for the provided app and not the dependencies (e.g. stage-packages). But there is no standard or enforcement that I am aware of other than it has to be found in