Stage-snaps with snaps on local harddrive

I can stage a snap from the snap store like this:

plugin: nil
- to amd64:
- audacity

How can i stage a snap that is not in the snap store, but “locally” on my harddrive?

To increase the build performance of my snap, i want to shift some long running task (which are stable and do not always have to be built again) to another snap.


This is currently not possible and probably won’t be in the foreseeable future.

Is there any workaround proposed for what OP mentions?

On the other hand, can “stage-snaps” checkout from private/brand stores?

Well, I think we’re past the “foreseeable future”. Is this on the roadmap? What’s the reasoning for not supporting it. Would a patch be accepted that did this?

Also, the question about staging snaps from private/brand stores was never answered, is that possible?


I mean, basically it’s a couple of lines of code right? Could you even manually force it to do this?

snap_files = iglob(os.path.join(self.part_snaps_dir, "*.snap"))
  • I realize that it’s probably not a couple of lines of code but it’s probably a pretty low-order effort compared to other things

You can stage a local snap file in core20 snaps if you declare it as source in a different part:

    plugin: dump
    source: example_0.1_amd64.snap

Support for snap sources is currently broken for core22 snaps. This will be fixed in the next Snapcraft release.