"stage-snaps" from brand store

As far as I know “stage-snaps” just work with the global store. Is there any way to make it fetch from a private brand store?

If the above is not possible, would this be advisable?


    plugin: dump
    source: snap/local/private-library-that-rarelly-changes.snap
      - -meta*
    after: [library-part]

That’s an excellent question. I must invoke the @sergiusens.

That totally works, with the downside of potentially (depending on how you’re doing it) committing a huge blob to your VCS. But if you have that setup in a way you like, I see no problem with building a snap like this.

You can even publish that payload on github releases (if that is your thing)

We do not support stage-snaps from brand stores, but we probably are at a point where we could consider it for out next roadmap review.

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Indeed, it’s probably better to upload it somewhere private in your infra and use a link for the source instead of a place on disk. Probably easier to update when the time comes, too.