SRU verification process

During the Ubuntu Stable Release Update (SRU) process of the snapd package we perform the following concrete verifications, based on the general guidelines in the Verification section of [1] and the process adopted by the team [2]:

  • Run automated tests. They can be executed from the release branch with:
$ spread -v linode:ubuntu-14.04-64 linode:ubuntu-16.04-64 linode:ubuntu-16.10-64 linode:ubuntu-17.04-64
  • Run manual tests described in [3] (those with a “NO” entry in the “Automated?” column) .

  • Review the complete changelog for this release [4]: for each entry verify if it is covered by tests (unit and spread when applicable). If the change affects the user interface and there’s no spread test for it, add an entry to the pending tests list [5] and verify it manually.

  • Verify each of the bugs associated with the SRU from [6] (search for “snapd” in the list, “changelog bugs” column). If the verification can be automated add an entry to the pending tests list [5].

  • Check the autopkgtest results from the excuses page [7]. Sometimes there are regressions caused by flaky tests or temporary failures during the execution, try to reproduce locally.


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