squashFS loop9

so is this what snap needs

what size?

snapd needs a properly maintained kernel and a few common default configs that most distro kernels usually set.

the ubuntu mainline kernels (it seems you are using one) are solely for checking bugs against the -generic kernel packages when a kernel team member asks you to try a specific version in a bug conversation. it misses (security) patches, does not get updated at all and does not get any QA, please do not use them in production … switch back to a -generic or -hwe kernel and snapd will work just fine.

more info about the mainline kernel builds:

This is coming from https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapd/+bug/1973233 which AFAIU was about running 22.04 inside a crouton (that the name?) on ChromeOS. I know nothing about ChromeOS so, but maybe someone in the forum does.

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cool i look at this kernel config, the systemd is not starting snapd process and the sockets and not make so connections fail The squashFS is part of the problem

I just got jammy installed and the snap repo compiled and installed without issue, I have to install/config the golang compiler my update to crouton and on my git hub account https://github.com/TomTravis?tab=repositories