Sprint in London

I had two things on my to-do list today: hang curtains in the guest bedroom (my mum’s in town from Tuesday to look after the boys while I’m at the sprint), and make enough mini vegan gluten free banana bread cupcakes so the whole sprinting team can have at least one.

That’s 100% of my to-do list done, then. And it’s beer o’clock!

I expect most of the team is downtown already, so hello! Welcome!


Looks lovey. I just landed. Any hints on how to get to the hotel? I was planing on using the tube as suggested by google/apple but perhaps some local insight is in order.

Heathrow? Tube. Use your contactless if you have one (a Revolut card works).

just arrived at the room … any dinner plans anyone ?

In the end I opted for heathrow express. Very fast and comfy :slight_smile: supposedly there is a 50% off today if you buy return tickets as well. I paid 36 quid for the ticket that also covers connecting tube fare.

I’m starving! I’ll gladly go for fish ‘n’ chips and some beer