Split Tracks For Saiku Repo


I have 2 repos opened for Saiku and Saiku CE, we have v3 and v4 due for release soon.

Can they both have split tracks for v3 and v4?



@tom Sorry for the lack of feedback. What are the actual version numbers that would fit inside the two tracks? 3.X and 4.X?

@noise @natalia What’s been our standard practice for naming tracks of major versions like this?

Also, who’s keeping an eye on such requests here in the forum? We can’t have requests open for so long with no handling.


From what I see int the list of existing tracks, de facto , for numerical versions it’s just the number, so in Saiku’s case it’d be 3/4, if they want e.g. the “3” track to contain versions 3.x, and the “4” track to contain 4.x and so on.

Most tracks are for software which wants them per minor release (e.g. Go has 1.7/1.8 tracks).

It can also be a string as in the case of Openstack which is trackified by series name.

v3/v4 looks weird to me, so I’d suggest 3/4.

I am, if they are in the “store” category. Was this request filed there originally? I’ll try to pay closer attention to these requests, or feel free to ping me directly if you see one that’s been hanging around without reply.


  • Daniel

Now its my fault for the lack of reply! :wink:

Thanks @niemeyer yeah versions are 3.x and 4.x for respective major release versions, I doubt we’d need to descend into major/minor stuff, our minor version changes pretty frequently and we have a whole rewrite in the works to fit into the 4.x track.

No worries. So if we have the 1.1 style of tracks already, then 3 and 4 sounds right for this use case. +1

Given this and Gustavo’s reply, are you OK with your tracks being named “3” and “4” ?

Yeah thats fine by me!

OK, +1 from me as reviewer for “3” and “4” tracks.

Tom, could you please give me the URLs for your saiku snaps? They look like https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/dev/snaps/101010101/