Spidev invalid slot name error when building pi3 gadget snap

I’m trying to build a custom image for raspberry pi, to include:

  • pi2-kernel core snap
  • pi3 gadget snap
  • my own app snap

I also need to customise the pi3 gadget snap, so it auto-connects some interfaces for my app snap.
So I cloned the pi3-gadget repo from: https://github.com/snapcore/pi3-gadget
And then edited the gadget.yaml to include a new “connections” section.

The gadget snap builds ok, but when I come to use it with ubuntu-image, I get this error:

error: invalid slot name: "spidev0.1"
COMMAND FAILED: snap prepare-image --extra-snaps=pi3_16.04-0.6_armhf.snap --extra-snaps=smartshooter4_v4.0-11-ged2e7e1_armhf.snap smartshooter4-pi3.model /tmp/tmpx8k1b0yd/unpack

If I use the pi3 gadget snap from the store, then ubuntu-image creates a good image.
But even if I try to build a vanilla pi3 gadget snap and use it with ubuntu-image, I get this error.

Maybe the pi3 gadget repo on github is out of date?

i have created:

perhaps @zyga-snapd and/or @mvo could approve it so i can merge …

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Thanks, I tried this patch out and it works.
I was able to build and run a custom image, using the locally built pi3 gadget.