Span owner deleted account

Hi, today I created an Snapcraft account and registered an snap name, I tried to upload files but I got some errors and tried to delete and recreate snap, finally I deleted my Ubuntu account, now I can’t login and can’t delete ownership of that snap name, so, is there anyway to use that name again ?

Hi, what’s the snap in question?

um… what do you mean ? if you are talking about its name, it’s : chapar

That’s exactly what I meant, thanks.

I also noticed you filed two more name requests for the same snap, which I’ve just revoked. What we can probably do is transfer the snap to your new account, since I assume you created a new one.

Sorry for the trouble - can I ask you to please request registration of the “chapar” name again? It will offer you the option of filing a dispute, please do so like you did before, BUT in the comment box put a reference or link to this forum thread, so I know where the request is coming from. I can then match the email address to ensure it is the same person and transfer the snap to your new account.

One more thing - if you see errors while trying to upload the snap it’s usually best to ask here and provide some logs or examples of the errors you get, we can help figure things out and you don’t have to do dangerous things like deleting accounts and so on :slight_smile:

  • Daniel

thanks a lot for your assistance , I did what you said. Now should I expect that “chapar” adds to my snaps ? In addition, before I try to delete Ubuntu account that linked to my Snapcraft account, I logged in to it with another device, and now I still didn’t logout from deleted account on that device, I don’t know what is happening, I can see “chapar” snap in “” on that device

Hi there,

I sent you a reply because I need you to take action with your other account, once you do, I can perform the transfer and you will see the change. Until then, things remain as they are. Please don’t delete any of your existing Ubuntu accounts at this point :slight_smile:

  • Daniel