Sosumi not Found on repository

Hello friends, how are you? I was using Sosumi in Classic mode and wanted to switch to EDGE mode, but I noticed that the project disappeared from the repository, did anyone else have this problem, or would they know what happened?


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I made the snap private. I was getting a little too much attention. I will make it unlisted, so you can see it if you know it’s there.

Thank you very much, alias your project is sensational, congratulations!

hey man sorry it was probably me i had to install and remove it a bunch of times the other day unless you were getting like hundreds of downloads then maybe not so much me. i did get it working the last time, but then i had hd isssues had to do a clean install of linux. it was an amazing peice of software for sure. hopefully you will be able to put it back up sometime

@thomasstanley21, don’t worry, @popey wasn’t worried about downloads, you’re fine :-).

For reference downloading, then removing, and reinstalling again multiple times isn’t a problem - the store can cope with that just fine.

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cool man im completely nw to linux, trying to work my way into that place i can work on logic finally. im having some issues, do you know much about getting amd hardware to work with clover? add @ gmail to min name and email me if you wouldnt mind, if your not too buisy. i understand if you are i appreciate you either way