Sosumi: Mac OS Catalina installation error

Hi there,

I am getting trouble trying to install the virtual machine of Mac os with the snap of sosumi.

I did all the progress of installation, and after finished the installation, the virtual machine has restarted, but don’t enter into the system again.

He stay stuck into the first screen where counts 5 seconds to enter the startup.nsh, after the 5 seconds, it appears a Shell option on the terminal, and don’t enter the machine.

Anyone knows why this happened and how to fix it?
I will let a picture of the screen.

I am sorry if I wrote something wrong.

It’s probably best to ask these questions right here: However, the repository is archived, so I’m not sure the sosumi snap is still being maintained (cc @popey).

You’re on your own I’m afraid. I can’t provide technical support for it.