Sosumi - Launch script error!

i have installed susomi susseccfully.
but when i try to run sosumi command ……
the terminal told me something wrong .

users@kali $ sosumi
*** Checking for kvm interface connection
INFO: kvm interface is connected
*** Checking for firmware files
*** Checking for Base System files
*** Checking for disk image
*** Checking for launch script
*** Launch!
~/snap/sosumi/common/launch: line 29: 9200 Segmentation fault “$SNAP”/usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 2G -machine q35,accel=kvm -smp 4,cores=2 -cpu Penryn,vendor=GenuineIntel,kvm=on,+sse3,+sse4.2,+aes,+xsave,+avx,+xsaveopt,+xsavec,+xgetbv1,+avx2,+bmi2,+smep,+bmi1,+fma,+movbe,+invtsc -device isa-applesmc,osk="$OSK" -smbios type=2 -object rng-random,id=rng0,filename=/dev/urandom -device virtio-rng-pci,rng=rng0 -serial mon:stdio -drive if=pflash,format=raw,readonly,file="$SNAP"/firmware/OVMF_CODE.fd -drive if=pflash,format=raw,file="$SNAP_USER_COMMON"/firmware/OVMF_VARS-1024x768.fd -device virtio-vga,virgl=on -display sdl,gl=on -L “$SNAP”/usr/share/seabios/ -L “$SNAP”/usr/lib/ipxe/qemu/ -audiodev pa,id=pa,server="/run/user/$(id -u)/pulse/native" -device ich9-intel-hda -device hda-output,audiodev=pa -usb -device usb-kbd -device usb-mouse -netdev user,id=net0 -device vmxnet3,netdev=net0,id=net0 -drive id=ESP,if=virtio,format=qcow2,file="$SNAP_USER_COMMON"/ESP.qcow2 -drive id=InstallMedia,format=raw,if=virtio,file="$SNAP_USER_COMMON"/BaseSystem/BaseSystem.img -drive id=SystemDisk,if=virtio,file="$SNAP_USER_COMMON"/macos.qcow2

i don’t understood where is “29 line”
the launch file just has 28 lines .

Hi, I was checking my script and at the end it has a backslash after the end of each line. Check if there is one of the missing

Screenshot from 2021-01-17 18-34-24

a backslash in scripts makes the shell skip the newline at the end of the line (for better readability in scripts) … what you have there above is in fact one very long line …

the shell also expects that the actual end of a line is marked with a newline … your “end of the line” (line 28) has a backslash at the end, so you tell the shell “there is no newline here, move on, nothing to see”, it tries to do what you told it (move on to line 29 to find the final newline in your one big line script) … remove that last backslash from like 28 and the error should go away.