Sosreport moved under ~sosreport team


Could we get the sosreport snap name moved under the launchpad ~sosreport team?

Thank you

@noise @cprov or @roadmr can you look into this?

You will need to create a Store account for the team (and an SSO account) first, and then file a name dispute at, then we can transfer the name.

Doesn’t this require me to use a different email address than my canonical one? I’d rather not have to keep up with another account/email for a team that will only have 1 snap associated with it.

It would be nice if the snap store took on something similar to github organizations where we can tie multiple existing accounts to a single org.

Organization support in the Store has been discussed at length, but not on the near-term roadmap. For now, you can just have the snap under your own account, share via collaboration with other devs, and it’s easy now to transfer if we need to change the ownership later.

Ok, that’s the path I took and just filed a name dispute request.

Approved, sorry for all the back and forth.

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