Sosreport: create new track core

sosreport a debug tool to collect data for support

Discussions with the Ubuntu Core team today, suggested that in order for them to have the capability of installing sosreport, it needs a track to consume that would have strict confinement but install via --devmode

On this basis requesting the track core for this purpose



Per Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks 2, we need a 1-week voting/discussion period, so I’ll check back on the discussion and votes in a few days.

I would suggest that we use a more explicit name strictmode instead of core.

Before voting, I have a couple of questions:

Would the versions on strictmode track and default track be mutually-incompatible, besides confinement settings? Meaning, if I was running default track and try to install strictmode, would that just work, or do I need to migrate my data/configuration, or would things break horribly?

If the new track would be experimental and abandoned at some point, people trying it would become stranded and not get any updates (without explicit actions). Would a strictmode branch which does expire and move people to the parent channel would be a better fit? If you plan to work actively on this, releasing stuff to the branch every 30 days so the branch doesn’t close automatically could be feasible.


Best regards, Milos

They will be compatible, there is no change between the sosreport application itself, other than including the relevant utilities to confine the snap. The version from upstream will be identical. We will not be shipping any config files or any data is required to be migrated, as it is a tool to grab diagnostic data.

We are currently using the github workflows to already publish the latest/edge at every commit to the main branch, it is likely we are going to do the same for strictmode track too, so that all the fixes and features would be comparable to the ones in the classic snap. So, it is likely an average 3 revisions per week; this obviously depends on our collaborative work upstream.



Thanks for the explanation. +1 from me as a reviewer. The strictmode track is now created.

Best regards, Milos

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