Some snaps apps dont open with AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U in Ubuntu 21.04


I just got a new Thinkpad t14s and I just did a fresh installed of Ubuntu 21.04 (no dual boot).

I notice that some snaps don’t open: Libreoffice, Thunderbird, Zotero-snap…

Other snaps work great: Firefox, Zoom-client, Discord…

I find this question: Question #697307 “Snap GUIs not starting after amdgpu Update - h...” : Questions : Snappy

that refer to this problem, apparently after I got the last amdgpu driver from Ubuntu 21.04, some snaps no longer (or better, their GUIs don’t show, there is no actual crash of the process). I did NOT install any external drivers, this is a fresh install of Ubuntu 21.04.

Tobias Kronthaler Say that some people saying that it is due to libdrm missing in the confinement and others said it is missing a OpenCL config.

Where can I report this problem? maybe someone here can answer Tobias question in Snappy.

The deb packages of libreoffice and thunderbird work great, but the snaps not.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

This definitely deserves a bug report, it should be possible to create one by following the “Create bug report” link in the bottom of the launchpad question.

One thing that could help in figuring out what is wrong is the security log. You could run

journalctl -t audit -f

in one terminal, then start one of the affected applications, and in the terminal you might see some line containing the DENIED word. Those lines would be most helpful, but in any case it’s better to attach the full output to the bug report.

Thanks @mardy!

I decided to do a bug report in each snap, this has to do with the fact that opening any of these snaps opens more than one process which blocks the GUI from being displayed.

Here are the related bug reports:




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