Some snap app are not working

snap app not working in red hat 9. Apps are " eclipse , snap store" but some snap apps are working like vcs, vlc. So what to do ?

when i try to snap apps through terminal it says like this snap-store ERROR: not connected to the gnome-3-38-2004 content interface.

Interesting. What is your current version of snapd on RHEL 9? You can pull this information with snap version

The problem is with packaging of snapd for Fedora/RHEL distros. They are still using outdated versions and there was some underlying change in snapd which killed backwards compatibility. The person that was usually taking care of that seems to no longer be with Canonical. I find this situation really bad for the already problematic image of snaps. Because users on Fedora/RHEL will just give up and move everything to Flatpak.

I am assuming your version is 2.55.x, right? We need 2.56

snap version snap 2.56.2-1.el8 snapd 2.56.2-1.el8 series 16 rhel 9.0 kernel 5.14.0-70.13.1.el9_0.x86_64

mine is 2.56 but still not working

i think this command need in the process of setup snapd

cat /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml

cat: /var/lib/snapd/seed/seed.yaml: No such file or directory

but in this it shows this

even when i deleting these apps it shows–

yum remove snap-store

Updating Subscription Management repositories.

No match for argument: snap-store

No packages marked for removal.

Dependencies resolved.

Nothing to do.



can someone tell me a full commands path for snapd download to full setup coz i think my snapd didnot set up very well but my vsc ans vlc still working i dont why

@Igor @mvo @sergiodj Hi gents, I presume this is pertaining to the the same issues that @popey has just tagged you in in the other thread

so is there any to correct this problem

It looks like we have to be patient and wait. There seems to be a shortage of packagers for Fedora

ok plzz tell me when packages came

I’m currently chatting with the snapd lead (give or take the timezone difference) about becoming one of the new Fedora and other distros package uploader.

I mostly live in the server side of things, but should we hopefully be able to drop the newest release of snapd soon on Fedora.


That would be fantastic. Thanks so much for you initiative :partying_face: