Some questions regarding the usage of snaps and brand stores


Hello everyone

I apologize in advance if this kind of questions don’t belong in this forum. I’ve been reaching out to Cannonical via but unfortunately, I’ve never received an answer.

I’ve got a few questions regarding the usage of snaps and brand stores. We are a small team of developers looking for a way to distribute our closed source software to our customers. We are very impressed with the featureset of snaps but are uncertain, if we qualify to publish our software to the store.

  • As mentioned, the software is closed source and only available to our customers. Is this kind of software allowed to be published to the store?
  • Ideally, the snap is only installable to our customers. As I understand the “hidden” flag I can set on a snap is only meant for development purposes. Is this right?
  • Would a brand store be the right tool to go for us? If yes, what do I need to do to get one? Is there any cost associated with it?

Thank you very much!


I’ve pinged the internal teams to chase down your inquiry and get back to you. Apologies on their behalf for not getting a prompt response.


Thank you @popey for forwarding my inquiry!

I’ve already been contacted via private message.


Looks like this was a dead end too, I never heard back from @lool or anybody from Canonical :bowing_man:


Oh my gosh, terribly sorry, didn’t see the message reply from the forum; just got it and sending you an email now. Again, terribly sorry!