[Solved]Where should I post? to 'snap' or to 'snapd' (affects one snap or all snaps?)

Edit: Even then you might guess wrong. ;^)
I thought it was related to the snap, it happened to be the first one, but the strange customization I had made to my system (replacing /root with a symlink) meant that, in fact, any snap I picked would have had the same problem.
In any case it proved to be neither a ‘snap’ nor a ‘snapd’ issue.
Probably there ought to be a ‘snap_user’ category where we post stuff like ‘What, exactly, is wrong with me?’

I’ll shortly be posting a report of a permission problem installing an snap, as a user. I suppose that there is no dedicated category for this because it is rare, but gee whiz, now I’m going to guess where to ask for help.

If ‘install-issues’ or anything else sounds better, by all means.

Thank you.


if the problem is a single snap, then you should post it into the snap category. Whereas if the problem is endemic to installing any snap, then post it into the snapd category (note the extra d which signifies that we’re talking about the daemon aka system service that coordinates snap installations and removals)