[SOLVED] Unable to compose CJK characters via the Fcitx input method framework on Firefox on Ubuntu 23.10 in a KDE Plasma Wayland session

I encountered a problem when I upgraded my system from 22.04→23.04→23.10, and I noticed I couldn’t compose CJK characters via the Fcitx input method framework on Firefox when I tried out the KDE Plasma Wayland session.

After 30 minutes of troubleshooting, I finally be able to resolve the problem by running the following command:

sudo snap refresh --channel=stable/ubuntu-23.10 firefox

(I was tracking the latest/stable channel, version 120.0.1-1(build 3504) to be specific)

It appears that the Firefox snap now has a specific branch of distribution specifically enabled Wayland support, which IMO, the migration should automatically happen when the user is upgrading to the 23.10 distro release, oh well.

Just like to vent my frustration somewhere… :disappointed:


The next release of Firefox (121) massively expands Wayland support in Firefox by default, snap or otherwise. I’d assume with 121, latest/stable would also default to Wayland.

I can see the pros and cons for the distro-specific branches, as it does certainly cause some confusion sometimes. E.G, the fancy new Flutter snap-store is currently only actually for the 23.10 branch; when ideally it’d be available for everyone, given it’s new and fancy. However similarly, snap store is in LTS releases as the original Gnome Software fork, so there’s testing worth doing and it’s understandable why you wouldn’t want to push it on those releases just yet.

Still, as far as Firefox itself goes, you might be fine to avoid this in a week or two!

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Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated!