[SOLVED]Snapcraft does not allow me to push saying I'm not the owner


I registered the name “guake” in snapcraft and wanted to push devmode version of the package to the edge channel, but when I login to snapcraft and execute:

snapcraft push --release=edge guake_3.6.3_amd64.snap

snapcraft is saying to me:

Preparing to push ‘guake_3.6.3_amd64.snap’.
After pushing, an attempt will be made to release to ‘edge’
You are not the publisher or allowed to push revisions for this snap. To become the publisher, run snapcraft register guake and try to push again.

When I was registering the name, I wrote that I will create a package and transfer the ownership to snapcrafter, but in the meantime I contacted the maintainer of Guake and agreed that I will be the maintainer of snap packgage and implement it in the upstream. Any chance someone could look into who is currently the owner of the ‘guake’ and if that’s not me, transfer the ownership to me?

The snap repository that I maintain is here: https://github.com/Guake/guake-snap


Never mind, I just got an email that the name was approved!