[Solved] Permissions issue when releasing to the candidate channel via GitHub Actions

Hello, I am trying to release a candidate version of a snap to the snap store via GitHub Actions. I have previously successfully released edge versions and recently upgraded grade: to stable. However, I get this error message when attempting to release to the candidate channel.

snapcraft internal error: StoreServerError('Store operation failed:\n- invalid-channel-permission: Macaroon channel restrictions (edge) do not allow release to candidate.')

See also the snapcraft.yaml file and the GitHub Actions config file.

When you generated your authentication token (the “Macaroon”) you put a limit on this token so that it wasn’t possible to be used to push to the stable channel.

To get around this, you’d need to regenerate a new token without this restriction and use it in your Github Actions pipeline.

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Thank you, that fixed it! Had to add --channels edge,candidate to the snapcraft export-login command.