[SOLVED] Notepad++ only opens files in the $HOME folder

With snap I installed Notepad++ in Linux Mint Cinnamon 20, and it’s working very well, but won’t open files anywhere except in the $HOME folder. Not in direct subfolders, or symlinked folders. Added the following code:

sudo snap connect notepad-plus-plus:removable-media

If the subfolder is an hidden directory right under $HOME(~/.ssh), it is not allowed by design due to security reasons.

If the symlink target is not under $HOME (or other locations allowed by the removable-media interface it is not allowed by design.

Bind mounts, however, works.

@Lin-Buo-Ren, many thanks for the info. It’s invaluable. All symlinked folders are linked to the $HOME folder, so this is OK. But, is there any way to override the .hidden folder restriction?

Bind mount it to an allowed path seems to be the only way IIRC.

Much thanks again. binding works.

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Hi! is there any way to overwrite the behaviour for that speciffic package? I would like to be able to edit all possible files in my system. sudo snap run notepad-plus-plus doesn’t work