[SOLVED] How to run a 'snap install --verbose' in terminal?


I’m making a script to install some snaps, is there any way to let the snap install verbose?


what is ‘snap install verbose’?

If you mean showing a progress bar, snap will do that when running on a terminal. It looks at its standard input to determine this, currently (but that might change).


Thanks for your response @chipaca, I will explain my problem better.

I execute a script via curl directly from the internet and the snap does not return the progress.

Directly on terminal
Directly on terminal


Creating a scrip
Creating a script


Simulating curl execution
Simulating curl execution

It does not show progress when I run the script directly from the internet.


do not encourage people to curl | bash.

What does your script do that snap install asnap doesn’t provide?


This is just an example, I made a script that installs several programs in snap, flatpak, and apt. We wanted it to show the progress of the installation of the snap equal to the apt and flatpak.







curl | bash

you are making the internet less safe for everybody. Stop.


Okay, I’ll try another way. Thank you!