[SOLVED] How to run a 'snap install --verbose' in terminal?

I’m making a script to install some snaps, is there any way to let the snap install verbose?

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what is ‘snap install verbose’?

If you mean showing a progress bar, snap will do that when running on a terminal. It looks at its standard input to determine this, currently (but that might change).

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Thanks for your response @chipaca, I will explain my problem better.

I execute a script via curl directly from the internet and the snap does not return the progress.

Directly on terminal
Directly on terminal

Creating a scrip
Creating a script

Simulating curl execution
Simulating curl execution

It does not show progress when I run the script directly from the internet.

do not encourage people to curl | bash.

What does your script do that snap install asnap doesn’t provide?


This is just an example, I made a script that installs several programs in snap, flatpak, and apt. We wanted it to show the progress of the installation of the snap equal to the apt and flatpak.






curl | bash

you are making the internet less safe for everybody. Stop.


Okay, I’ll try another way. Thank you!

Literally the most useless comment ever. Can’t believe this is marked as solved.

Try putting your install command (in your script) like this:
script -q -c ‘sudo snap install spotify’


Why not utilise “curl | bash”?