[Solved] Acrordrdc Adobe Acrobat Reader (WINE) no printer

Hi folks,

I am using KDE Neon and when I installed acrordrdc stable I encountered the problem of this topic :

So, I tried acrordrdc edge which works fine on my computer but I cannot print a document instead of the printer dialog box, I have got a warning to install a printer before.
In my home/.wine I have my printer correctly defined and other wine applications could access to my printer but I guess acrordrdc used its own .wine repertory in snap/acrordrdc and there is no printer defined inside.

How can I setup my printer for acrordrdc ?


I did the following command :

snap connect acrordrdc:removable-media

Explained here :

And then :

snap connect acrordrdc:cups-control

And now I have the printer dialog box.

I hope it will help some folks,

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Solved my printer issue with wine and acrordr with recent hard drive replacemnt and reinstall of Ubuntu 20.03 LTS